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PA TV erases Israel: ”Palestine is 27,000 sq. km”

Official PA TV program From the Refugee Camp, a quiz show for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan produced by official PA TV and the PLO Department of Refugee Affairs

Official PA TV host: “We are on the [official PA TV] program From the Refugee Camp, we will present you with a question. If you answer correctly, you will win a prize… What is the size of the territory of the West Bank?”
Woman: “It’s 27 [thousand sq.] kilometers?”
Host: “That’s Palestine, 27,000 [sq.] kilometers (sic., this figure includes all of Israel). 

[Official PA TV, From the Refugee Camp, April 14, 2023]

The area of the West Bank and Gaza Strip combined is less than 7,000 sq. km. The figure 27,000 sq. km. is the area of all of Israel (without the Golan Heights) in addition to the West Bank and Gaza.
Right answers in the quizzes on the program From the Refugee Camp are awarded with 20 Jordanian dinars, approx. $28.