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PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Announces Early Payment of Salaries for April 2023

The PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs posted an image on its Facebook page

The image shows the text of an official PA statement.

Text: “Payment of the April [2023] salary today, Tuesday [April 18, 2023]

The [PA] Ministry of Finance announces that on Tuesday, beginning on April 18, 2023, the following payments will be carried out:

Early payment of 30% of the April salary to all the [public] employees

Payment for social matters of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, whose amount reaches 131 million [Israeli] shekels (over $35 million -Ed.), which are distributed to 111,000 families, including 81,000 families in the Gaza Strip and 30,000 families in the West Bank

The ministry also announced that the payment of the remaining amount for April will be carried out on time.”

[PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs, Facebook page, April 18, 2023]