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Parents of 14-year-old dead teen terrorist: “He always said: I want to die as a Martyr”

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Official PA TV host: “We are in the home of child Martyr Omar Awadin (i.e., terrorist), who did not [yet reach] 15... He ascended [to Heaven] as a Martyr together with 3 other young people in the same operation (i.e., terror attack)…”

Father of terrorist Omar Awadin: “We set out on the [Mecca] pilgrimage on Feb. 20, [2023.]… He [Omar] would say: “What is the gift in honor of the pilgrimage?” [His mother] asked him: “What do you want?” He told his mother: “Pray for me that I will die as a Martyr.” When we entered the Kaaba [in Mecca], his wish was to die as a Martyr. He loved the Martyrs, and he followed the news: When the army came in, when there was a Martyr, when there was a eulogy. Everything that happened, he always was unnaturally interested in it. He always said: “I want to die as a Martyr, I want to die as a Martyr.” Despite his young age Martyrdom was in his thoughts. Praise Allah Master of the Universe, our Lord honored him with his Martyrdom…”

Mother of terrorist Omar Awadin: “Omar would always say: ‘I want to die as a Martyr, pray for me that I will die as a Martyr.’”

[Official PA TV, Good Morning Jerusalem, April 21, 2023]

Nidal Hazem, Yusuf Shreim, Luay Al-Saghir, and Omar Awadin – Palestinian terrorists aged 28, 29, 37, and 14 respectively, who were killed during an Israeli counter-terror operation in Jenin on March 16, 2023. The operation targeted Hazem, a member of Islamic Jihad, and Shreim, a member of Hamas, who were involved in several terror attacks. Al-Saghir attempted to attack the Israeli forces with a crowbar, at which they shot and killed him in self-defense, while Awadin participated in violent riots against the forces.