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Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan calls for suicide terror in 2007: “Who among you have the next explosive belt?”

The independent group Intellinews posted a video on its Twitter account. The video shows Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan reportedly speaking at the funeral of an Islamic Jihad terrorist in October 2007.

Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan: “O Al-Quds Brigades (i.e., Islamic Jihad’s military wing), strike
O Al-Quds Brigades, shake the earth
Who among you is Hassan Abu Zaid (i.e., suicide bomber, murdered 7)?
Who among you is the next Martyrdom-seeker?
Who among you have the next explosive belt?
Who among you has the next shooting?
Who among you has exploding organs?”

[Intellinews, Twitter account, May 2, 2023]

Khader Adnan – 45-year-old Palestinian terrorist and senior member of the Islamic Jihad terror organization who was arrested on Feb. 5, 2023, and indicted for membership in a terrorist organization and incitement to terror. He died on May 2, 2023, in an Israeli prison, as a result of conducting a hunger strike that lasted 86 days, during which he refused both food and medical treatment. As a result of his terror activities, Adnan had previously been arrested 9 times and served 8 years in prison, during which he staged numerous hunger strikes.