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16-year-old terrorist before his death: “We are following the path of Martyrdom”

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Terrorist Mustafa Amer Sabah: “We are following the path of Martyrdom.”

 [Shehab, independent Palestinian news agency, Twitter account,
April 28, 2023]


Posted text on twitter: “‘We are following the path of Martyrdom’ – a video from the past of young Mustafa Sabah (i.e., terrorist, participated in violent confrontations against Israeli forces), who was shot by the occupation forces and ascended to Heaven today [April 28, 2023] in the town of Taqua, southeast of Bethlehem.”


Mustafa Amer Sabah – 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist who was killed while participating in violent confrontations with Israeli forces in the village of Taqua, south of Bethlehem, on April 27, 2023.