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Death as a Martyr by hunger strike as opposed to other ways is "a problem"

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Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance, on the death of Islamic Jihad terrorist prisoner Khader Adnan, who died due to his hunger strike; hosting released prisoner Alaa Al-A’araj, who was held in administrative detention and released as a result of his hunger strike – PMW was unable to determine the details of his crimes


Released prisoner Alaa Al-A’araj: “We hoped that Sheikh Khader Adnan (i.e., terrorist prisoner) would be a Martyr, yes, because this is the death that he asked for – but in a different way. My mother also said this, when I was the one who conducted a hunger strike: “I have no problem with him being a Martyr, this is [a source of] pride, but not in this way, not through them leaving him to die of hunger.” That’s the real problem.”

[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, May 4, 2023]


Khader Adnan – 45-year-old Palestinian terrorist and senior member of the Islamic Jihad terror organization who was arrested on Feb. 5, 2023, and indicted for membership in a terrorist organization and incitement to terror. He died on May 2, 2023, in an Israeli prison, as a result of conducting a hunger strike that lasted 86 days, during which he refused both food and medical treatment. As a result of his terror activities, Adnan had previously been arrested 9 times and served 8 years in prison, during which he staged numerous hunger strikes.