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Fatah vows to follow “path” of terrorist responsible for murder of 9 “until defeating the Zionist enemy”

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Fatah-run Awdah TV host: “We have no army, but we have principles and rifles that succeeded in frightening the enemy in all the battles.” Thus said determined commander Martyr Marwan Zalum (i.e., terrorist, responsible for murder of 9) – a son of the [Fatah] student cell who joined the Fatah Movement’s ranks from high school, commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in Hebron... Zalum… even led military squads from outside of the homeland… which constituted great practice in the Palestinian revolutionary activities... He returned [to Palestine] before the Al-Aqsa Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005), and immediately when it broke out he put together the first military squad. He was appointed to be commander and instructor of the Brigades, and he oversaw the implementation of the self-sacrificing operations and operations] against the settlement outposts. On April 22, 2002, the occupation attacked his car in Hebron with three missiles. The determined hero Marwan died as a Martyr with his comrade on the path of struggle Col. Samir Tamimi... Every year Fatah and the homeland hold onto the eternal memory of this Martyr [Zalum]. On the anniversary of your death as a Martyr, we promise Allah and promise you that we will follow the path of pride and struggle and the path of all the Martyrs, until defeating the Zionist enemy and fully liberating the lands of Palestine.”

[Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, Facebook page, April 22, 2023]

Fatah posted this video twice the same day.

Marwan Zalum - Palestinian terrorist and commander of the Hebron branch of the Tanzim (Fatah terror faction). He was responsible for a number of terror attacks in the Hebron region, including sending the terrorist who in a shooting attack murdered the infant Shalhevet Pass in her stroller on March 26, 2001. Zalum also provided the explosive device used in a suicide attack at the entrance to Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda open market on April 12, 2002, in which 6 Israelis were murdered and 80 wounded. He organized the planting of a bomb in southern Hebron, which murdered Israeli soldier Shai Cohen on July 9, 2001, and initiated a shooting attack at the entrance to Kiryat Arba on July 12, 2001, in which 1 person was murdered. Zalum was killed by the Israeli army on April 22, 2002.

The second Intifada/The Al-Aqsa Intifada - Palestinian terror campaign 2000-2005, directed and controlled by the PA, during which Palestinians carried out numerous terror attacks including suicide bombings. More than 1,100 Israelis were murdered.