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PLO official: Jews controlled the money in Europe; Europeans wanted to expel them to Palestine

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PLO Central Council member Ghassan Barakat:As part of the Jewish question in Europe, there was racial discrimination and Antisemitism there. The Jewish communities controlled the money in these states, and the Jewish communities also were spread throughout all of Europe and created a kind of network over it all, and the Europeans, the Germans, wanted to isolate alone as a people, and the French wanted to be alone [as a people]… The chauvinist, racist, and antisemitic struggle in Europe pressed, funded, and helped the Zionist movement so that they would invest [money] and go to Palestine, so that it would be possible to expel them.Therefore they [the Europeans] provided them with cargo ships, military equipment, and weapons.”

[Official PA TV, Personal Encounter, May 4, 2023]


Official PA TV included this statement by Barakat in a broadcast on the UN commemorating the 75th anniversary of the “Nakba,” i.e., “the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel.