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“There is no remnant of a Temple at Al-Aqsa,” says Palestinian lecturer in archaeology

PA TV program Palestine This Morning interviews Dr. Jamal Amr, Palestinian lecturer in archaeology at Bir Zeit University and expert on Jerusalem archaeology about the Israeli discovery of coins and pottery found close to the lowest level of the Western Wall. Some archaeologists claim that this shows that the construction and extension of the Temple courtyard were undertaken after the death of Herod, king of Judea.
PA TV host: "The facts and the reality on the ground shatter the Israeli narratives concerning the alleged Temple, claiming its existence in occupied Jerusalem, especially in the historical area of land…
Thus, this discovery, as mentioned, disproves the Israeli claims as to their right to Al-Aqsa Mosque."
 Dr. Jamal Amr: "This news is most interesting, and it confirms the Palestinian narrative. We have emphasized for a long time that there is no remnant of a Temple at Al-Aqsa, nor around Al-Aqsa. This is unquestionably important news, very important, because this time it comes from, there is evidence on their part, it comes from the Israeli side, which has undertaken 54 excavations, destroying the area both underground and above ground, changing it, distorting it, distorting the region completely. And it [the Israeli side] eagerly pursues illusory visions, biblical legends. They are stuck inside these legends, they maintain these narratives, presenting them to the world with proofs which they create themselves, and through fables. They have presented a false history to the world through Josephus, the well-known Jewish historian of the first century CE, who said – and they quote from him – he said that it was Herod the Great who built the Second Temple, and that the Western Wall [words unclear] is a remnant of this alleged Temple."

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