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Hamas leader: “You [Israel] will be brought out of Palestine – all of Palestine… We will annihilate your existence”

"In a speech entitled 'At Your Command, Jerusalem' which he delivered at the Sixth Conference to Maintain the Principles [held] yesterday, [senior Hamas member] Al-Zahar said: 'We state explicitly and in the clearest manner […] to anyone concerned – he must know that we are the resistance program which will not cast down its weapons until all of Palestine is liberated.'
He added that he is talking about all 'forms of the resistance known to this period and all periods.' He emphasized, 'We are altogether convinced that we will restore all of our land, from Rosh Hanikra (i.e., in Northern Israel) to Rafiah (i.e., southern part of the Gaza Strip), and we will join the enterprise of our glorious nation in order to realize its tremendous cultural enterprise.'
He added, 'We say to Israel - just as these prisoners [freed in the recent prisoner exchange deal] were brought out of prison, so you will be brought out of Palestine – all of Palestine… Know, Zionists, in every country in which you find yourselves: You will not extinguish the eternal oil lamp of Jerusalem, nor will you silence the sound of the [church] bells and the minarets (…) [Rather,] it is we who will annihilate your existence."