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PA daily columnist refers to the Israeli army in 1948 as “Zionist gangs”

Columnist for official PA daily Yahya Rabbah:
"Bullet in the heart of the dream!"
"Since the first day of the Nakba (“the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) the Palestinian people lost its leadership, while leadership is one of the most important components of national unity! On that sad day, the Palestinian people no longer had any leadership, and there was no Palestinian decision-making on any real level on the ground. This resulted in a situation where some 750,000 Palestinians (now numbering some 6 million) left their towns, villages and tent camps, in which their fathers had lived more than 4,000 or 5,000 years ago, [they] left in chaos, under the threat of death at the hands of the Zionist gangs which comprised the Israeli army."