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PA TV program visits family of terrorist prisoner: “[You’re] an example and role model for all of us”

PA TV program For You visits home of terrorist Jamal Abu Al-Haijaa:
 Terrorist’s sister: "My brother Jamal – I want to tell you [you're] an example and role model for all of us. And pride – we are proud of him in front of everyone. No matter how much we talk about him, it isn't enough. [He is] a person who I know has acted throughout his life on behalf of others, has made an effort for others… a Jihad fighter and man of struggle in the full sense of the word."

Note: Jamal Abu Al-Haijaa- is serving 9 life sentences for his responsibility for the suicide attacks at the Hadera shopping mall on Oct. 26, 2005 and on Herzl Street in Netanya, Dec. 5, 2005.