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Israeli daily Ma'ariv on PMW's new book "Deception: Betraying the Peace Process"

Ben Dror Yemini  |
The following is an excerpt from an article by Ben Dror Yemini in the Israeli daily Ma'ariv:

“...Every mass-murder is preceded by systematic mass-brainwashing. There is a long process of paving the way for murder.

Although Israel ignores it, this mass-brainwashing has been going on in recent years beside us, practically amongst us. Two researchers, Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik from Palestinian Media Watch, recently published the book Deception, which presents the systematic incitement against Israel and the Jews under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority. Some of this is well-known. In the '90's a joint committee for the prevention of incitement was active. But the situation has only become worse. Thus, for example, the Palestinian Authority funds the monthly youth magazine Zayzafuna (meaning "lime tree"). Last summer the magazine published a story submitted by a girl who wrote about an imaginary encounter with four role models: one was the 8th century mathematician Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi (the word "algorithm" is derived from his name); the second was the great Muslim conqueror Saladin; the third was the Nobel Prize-winning author Najib Mahfouz. From each of these, the girl learns something which is supposed to influence her choices in the future. There is another figure in the list of role models: Hitler. And Hitler tells her, 'I killed the Jews so that everyone would know that they're a nation that spreads destruction throughout the world.'

This sits well with other stories in the same magazine which presents values which supposedly reflect the discourse on rights, along with Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian pride. Until it comes to the Jews. Then it's about human animals who should be annihilated, and Hitler becomes a role model. There is no editorial comment explaining who Hitler was, what Nazism is, and what the Holocaust was. The book Deception is full of sickening examples – most from recent years; the great majority of them from the period of tenure of the most moderate pair – Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad. And it is not only they who provide funding for a magazine which displays admiration for Hitler. UNESCO helped with funding too.

This brainwashing is dangerous. Abbas and Fayyad are deserving of much praise for the fact that at this stage – and they emphasize that it is 'at this stage' – they have managed to put a stop to organized violence. It was they who suffered the most on account of it. But they also give their stamp of approval to mass murder. They are helping to nurture a new generation imbued with old-style Antisemitic hatred.

A large portion of the funding for publications featuring hate propaganda comes from the European Union, and from European countries. In this regard no legislation will be of any use. In this regard what is needed is urgent diplomatic activity. The Foreign Ministry must send an abstract from the book, or its full-length text, to every organization, institute, and country in the West which helps to fund this brainwashing. This Antisemitic fascism must be stopped. And it certainly should not be funded.”