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PA daily columnist: “The Palestinian Arab nation has been rooted in its land for thousands of years”

In an article responding to US presidential candidate Gingrich's statements, PA daily columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman claims the following facts:
"b. The Palestinian Arab nation has been rooted in its land for thousands of years, since the human habitation of the city of Jericho – the oldest city in history, which this year celebrated its 10,000-year-old history.

d. Despite the fact that the Palestinian Arab nation owns the Palestinian land from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea, an area of 27,009 sq. km., and despite the fact that it has the longest history upon Palestinian land, and has no other homeland, it willingly accepted the peace option which was based on the solution of two states for two peoples, on the borders of June 4, 1967, in order to stop the cycle of violence, blood and killing, and to establish the foundations of co-existence among the nations of the region, including the Israeli apartheid state.

g. The Jewish Prof. Shlomo Sand, author of the book The Invention of the Jewish People, says: 'Although the term 'people' is fluid and not very clear, I don't believe that a Jewish people ever existed.' For two thousand years no Jewish state existed on Palestinian Arab land.'"

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