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Mother explains her joy over son's Shahada death

Mother of Shahid interviewed on PATV:
PATV host: "A mother of a Shahid (Martyr) parts from her son with sounds of joy – not because she doesn't love him. Did you make sounds of joy?"
Mother: "Yes, I did. A mother makes sounds of joy because she wants him to reach Shahada (Martyrdom). [My son] became a Shahid for Allah. I wanted the best for him; this is the best for my son. When he was martyred, [honor] was not only for him, but also for us, pride and honor for us. People started saying, 'This is a Shahid's brother', 'This is a Shahid's mother', 'This is a Shahid's sister'. The honor was for the whole family, not just for [my son]."