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PA Minister of Information: America “created, in its midst, Goebbels” and has a “culture of mass annihilation”

Live broadcast of ceremony at which the Palestinian flag is raised over UNESCO. Speaking from the studio, Dr. Al-Mutawwakil Taha, Deputy Minister of Information:
 "The Palestinian cause, which has now been rejected by America, as it is the principal enemy and its ally… Israel, at the [UN] Security Council will soon be fulfilled, and the Palestinian flag will be raised… Leading the countries [opposed to the Palestinian bid for UN membership] were America and Israel. America is the inheritor (translator’s note: it is possible that the speaker meant to say “testator”) of the culture of mass annihilation. It is [America] which created, in its midst, Goebbels – the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. The first thing they [the Nazis] did when they entered a certain area was to gather the books and burn them. They would enter the halls of culture, the cinema and the opera and the libraries, and would sow destruction and fire."