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Released prisoners responsible for 8 deaths are called “exemplary models” for children on PA TV

PA TV program for prisoners For You interviews two released prisoners in the studio in Gaza; Amir Zuqan and Alam Al-Ka'bi, released in the Shalit exchange deal and expelled to Gaza. Their family members participate from the PA TV studio in the West Bank.
The two prisoners were serving 9 and 6 life sentences, respectively, for dispatching terrorists to carry out a number of different attacks. Together they were responsible for the deaths of 8 Israeli soldiers and civilians.

The prisoners talk to their children.
PA TV Host: "Alam and Amir, you are certainly an exemplary model for this younger generation and for these children. Of course, in their eyes you… You have probably been in prison since [their] childhood and since [their] birth. Even when they were born you were in prison, and you are an exemplary model for them, and you are heroes."