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Hamas will not recognize Israel or relinquish "a single grain of Palestinian soil"

PA TV program Topic of the Day, filmed in Cairo. Interview with Izzat Al-Rashq, Hamas senior official on the subject of Palestinian reconciliation.
"About the national agreement document - we agreed on the establishment of a Palestinian state on the '67 borders, with the return of the refugees, and Jerusalem, and a cessation of settlement, and all of those subjects. But in regards to Hamas, it sees it as a form of an agreement with our brothers and partners [of Fatah] in the national concern; but that is not the end-goal of the Hamas program. The Hamas movement believes in the full right of the Palestinian people, and that cannot be relinquished… The Hamas movement continues to adhere to its program, and to the non-recognition of Israel and to the non-relinquishing of even a single grain of Palestinian soil."