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Terrorist prisoner who recruited suicide bombers honored on PA TV as “the lion” and “a hero”

PA TV program For You visits the home of prisoner Bilal Tamam (Tulkarem)
Mother of Bilal Tamam:
"Bilal the lion, the lion, the lion, truly. Believe me, he is a hero. There was never a hero like Bilal. I swear, it's not because he's my son. Bilal is a hero in the full sense of the word. Believe me, in the interrogation it turned out he was an even bigger hero. It turned out he was a hero, a hero, a hero, in the interrogation. Bilal couldn't betray anyone [in the interrogation]…
Whatever they said to him about anything, he would say, 'I don't know.' I – when they brought the indictment – I screamed and said no one dare touch him. Even the one who brought it to me; I said to him, 'You held the charge sheet; did you open it?' He said to me, 'As Allah lives, I didn't touch it.' I read it. I went outside, there were about twenty or thirty boys, I called them and threw it [the indictment] to them in the street. I said to them, 'Take it and make newspaper out of it. Make newspapers out of it, and put it everywhere. Now, this has raised my head [in pride]. Now, no matter what, the indictment was the most beautiful indictment."