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PA TV: Israel “is a culture of destruction… towards others”

PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem interviews Dr. Eid Al-Rahman Iyad about settler attacks on mosques.
 "First of all I see this issue [of Jewish extremists setting fire to mosques] as a sort of heritage upon which [Israeli] children are educated, in accordance with the presentation of their history and the presentation of their faith. This is because when we look at this religious history, which they write or wrote, we find that when they reached the city of Jericho, for example, as recounted in their books, they burned everything that existed upon its ground, with no exception. Even the animals were not saved from this aggression. Hence, this history is a sort of heritage, which they inculcate and emphasize in the presence of their children and their youth, in the schools, in the universities, in forums, and in synagogues. Thus, it is a culture of destruction, destruction towards others, and the essence of anything that has any connection with others, who are called 'goyim' [non-Jews]."

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