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Editor of PA daily: “I hate the US,” “the crude American policy... is hostile to the Arab people”

In the following article, editor of the official PA daily Hafez Barghouti claims that Israel is not concerned by the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt because it promised the US to continue the path of the previous regime and to maintain relations with Israel. The Salafists also committed themselves to maintaining agreements, thereby alleviating Israel's concerns.
 "I am a Palestinian citizen representing the Fatah movement, and I cannot stand the separate contracts and agreements with Israel. I hate the US, and two thirds of the articles I write are criticism of the crude American policy which is hostile to the Arab people, its religion, its culture, its heritage, its palm trees and its camels. Despite this, I am accused of collaboration, corruption, and betrayal, because I fight for a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, and support the armed struggle [when conducted] at its proper time, and the peaceful struggle at its proper time, in order to achieve our aim."