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Anti-Semitism in America (excerpts)

Many of these so-called enlightened liberals who are denouncing Israel for protecting itself should research what is going on in Palestinian schools. The Palestinian Authority has indoctrinated their young children by teaching them to see death for Allah-Shahada as an ideal.
Children grow up believing that all Muslims must kill Jews. The Palestinian Authority manufactures all kinds of fraudulent videos depicting “Jews” as killers and cannibals of Christians and Muslim children.
Is it any wonder that after years of such brainwashing, suicide bombers can be recruited so easily?
If you find this hard to believe, I suggest you log on to the Palestinian Media Watch Web page to view a sample of what is being taught. How on earth can any peace be obtained in the Middle East as long as this graphic, violent hatred is being spewed about? But it’s not just Islamic children that are subject to familial distortions of the truth.