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Hamas spokesman: The Palestinian people have a right to “resistance in all its forms”

PA TV program The Fourth Authority on Palestinian reconciliation.
Guests in Ramallah studio: Secretary General of the "National Initiative" party, Mustafa Barghouti; political commentator Hani Al-Masri.
Hamas spokesman Ismail Radwan in Gaza studio:
 "When Hamas talks about a common denominator, it isn't talking, for instance, about recognition of the Zionist enemy. Even if there is an intermediate solution within the '67 [borders] framework, with a full withdrawal, release of prisoners, return of refugees – it will be without recognition of the Zionist occupation."
Radwan is asked if each faction will retain its strategy. He answers:
"I am telling you that even entry into the PLO framework later on, after reform and rebuilding, will not nullify the strategy of each faction independently. However, there is a common denominator upon which everyone agrees and to which everyone is committed – but this doesn't mean that the strategy of each faction comes to an end. As to the common denominator pertaining to popular resistance – this does not nullify the right of the Palestinian people, of course, to resistance in all its forms."