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Fatah official Al-Qader: All options are open to Fatah, ”including the option of the armed struggle”

PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem interviews Hatem Abd Al-Qader, holder of Fatah's Jerusalem portfolio.
“Of course, Fatah is the Palestinian Revolutionary Movement which brought about the eruption of this revolution 47 years ago. It is the liberation movement that has been around for the longest time. In other words, to date, nowhere in the world has there been a liberation movement that continued its struggle for 47 years. We are likewise ready to fight for another 47 years; we have no problem with that. Perhaps we will fight for 100 years. If the Israelis think that Fatah has lost its options, and that Fatah has become a political faction or a political approach, they are wrong. Fatah is still a national liberation movement. Fatah, at its last conference, held in Bethlehem [Sixth Conference, 2009], affirmed that all options are open to the Palestinian people, including the option of the armed struggle. That still exists in Fatah… We shall emphasize this year that the Fatah movement is committed to the continuation of the struggle, in all its forms, in order to establish the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Fatah will not give up its principles."

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