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Performance celebrating Martyrdom-death

"This is our country's word in the face of death: Our language is fire, and the revolution is the roof of our house. We sing it while erasing the steps of the thief (i.e., Israel). This blood is the voice. We have gathered the blood from our first wound. We escorted the Martyr of the land to his wedding (to 72 Dark-Eyed maidens), and held a pre-wedding party for our female Martyr (who became one of the Dark-Eyed). We said to the little one: "Grow up", as we declared our Intifada. Our country is the sea, the threshing floor and the clay houses. [Our country is] the Acre fortress, the sun of the Carmel and Haifa (note: All in northern Israel), and Gaza, which responds to death with the knife. [Song: "Teach us"] Teach us how to make torches from the darkness of night. Teach us how to turn heartbeats into bombs. Teach us how to eat our bread which is drenched with blood, that we may live. Not that we may live but that we may continue to fight. [PA TV (Fatah), Dec. 2 and 30, 2011]