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PA daily: “The children must finger their stones” as Palestinians are in a state of war until “the final victory”

Excerpt from a full page article edited by Wasef Mansour, with articles dedicated to the anniversary of the commencement of Fatah activity, against background of Fatah logo. Author of this particular article unknown:
"State of love"
"Whenever the invaders (i.e., Israel) run about the streets of our cities, all questions fall away except for one, which fills one's body and mind: How can we render the invaders helpless? How can we cause them to sail away on the sea to the blue eyes where they came from? The eyes of the invaders are different from our eyes, in their color and in their glance. Whenever the invaders run about the streets of our cities, all the children must finger their stones; all the youth must prepare themselves for war. We are in a situation of war up until the final victory."