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PA daily: Those who engage in normalization activities with Israel should be vomited out of society

Atef Abu Al-Rub, regular writer for the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
     "I shall not elaborate on general subjects, but rather get to the issue at hand: Normalization with the occupation. The international organizations and institutions no longer do anything but hold Palestinian-Israeli meetings under their patronage, under various names. The moment an organization concludes one project of normalization, we already hear about the next. The moment that one organization is exposed carrying out normalization, we already experience the next reversal. There is no longer any social sector that has not been penetrated by normalizers; right now we have cultural normalization, academic normalization, normalization in sports, political normalization, normalization in the arts, normalization in tourism, and religious normalization in the guise of inter-religious tolerance… Lately, the PA has made some decisions concerning the boycott of settlement products. Despite the importance of these steps, there is something worse, which the PA must forbid and charge with a crime whoever commits this since the boycott of the meetings, the normalization and taming meetings… is something that requires more than just a decision, and I believe it requires a law… In the past, someone from among us would participate in secret meetings with bodies who represent the occupation state, under the pretext of searching for a common denominator, and would deny their meetings with “Israelis,” today these things are being done in the open… We have to intimidate these bodies and deter them, if not by means of the official law, then we have a national heritage, and it is possible to punish anyone who participates [in such meetings], in various ways. There must be an umbrella that protects those who act against the normalizers - i.e., resistance to normalization should not become a crime for which the Palestinian law has punitive measures… The names of the normalizers are out in the open and known to anyone interested, and we must hold campaigns with the names of all the normalizers. We must vomit them out of our society, because they are designated leaders which the US is creating, with profiles [showing them to be] able to live in coexistence with the occupation."

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