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Palestinian journalists announce “top priority”: “Loyalty” to terrorists

Itamar Marcus  |

The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate committee has announced that the “top priority” of Palestinian journalists is “loyalty to all the Martyrs” – in other words, to the numerous terrorists who have been killed while attacking Israel: 

Palestinian journalist Muhammad Al-Baz:Today we [the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate committee] are sending a message that the top priority of the Palestinian journalist is loyalty to all the Martyrs, loyalty to our people’s just cause.”

[Official PA TV News, May 23, 2023]

This declaration of loyalty to terror at a conference - instead of basic journalistic values such as objectivity – echoes a statement to Palestinian journalists by PA Chairman Abbas’ representative and General Supervisor of official PA Media Ahmad Assaf, as exposed by Palestinian Media Watch. Assaf presented Abbas’ view to Palestinian journalists:

“In the eyes of His Honor the president, you are the homeland’s soldiers defending the Palestinian national narrative against the Zionist narrative.”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 30, 2023]

Similarly, a statement by a host on official PA TV confirmed that PA journalists are political pawns who are taught loyalty to the PA narrative rather than to “professional duty”:

Alaa Sharbati, son of terrorist prisoner Ayman Sharbati: “Good morning, thank you very much for having me.”

Host: “No, this is our duty.”

Alaa Sharbati: “You are the homeland’s TV channel of which we are proud.” …

Host: Our national duty comes before [our] professional [duty].”

[Official PA TV, Good Morning Jerusalem, Jan. 6, 2023]

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