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Israeli Arab MP calls to disrupt normalcy in Israel

Official PA TV newsreader: “Hundreds of residents within the Green Line  participated in a procession of cars, in protest of the Israeli police’s inaction against the spread of the plague of violence and crime [in Arab society], which has led to the deaths of 70 victims since the start of the year [2023].” …


Israeli Arab Parliament Member and Joint Arab List Chairman Ayman Odeh: “As long as our sons’ lives are not normal, then the State of Israel’s life must not be normal. If we reach this equation, we will defeat the violence and crime. The state’s life must not be normal as long as our children’s lives are not normal.

[Official PA TV News, May 21, 2023]


Green Line - 1949-1967 ceasefire line between Israel and the neighboring Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) following Israel's War of Independence (1948-1949). Land within the Green Line is all part of the State of Israel since 1949. Land outside the Green Line includes East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights.

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