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These are the 3 teens the Jenin terrorists sent to die

Itamar Marcus  |





These are pictures of 3 of the 10 terrorists who died during Israel's anti-terror raid in Jenin yesterday. Significantly, each of the 3 children belongs to one of the 3 dominant Palestinian terror organizations: Fatah’s terror wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad.


Majdi Ar’arawi, age 17, is wearing the headband of Islamic Jihad (upper left). 

Ali Al-Ghoul, age 17, is wearing the headband of Hamas (upper right). 

Nur Al-Din Marshud, age 16, Fatah’s Commission of Information and Culture announced he is one of Fatah’s members. (bottom)


17-year-old Ali Al-Ghoul was killed participating in “an ambush of the occupation soldiers while they were trying to enter the Jenin camp.” [Telegram of Hamas in the West Bank, July 4, 2023] The details of the others’ actions leading to their deaths have not yet been released.


Although Fatah's Commission of Information and Culture announced Marshud as a Fatah member, PMW found a picture of him masked and wearing an Islamic Jihad headband:

[Jenin Brigade - Hornets Nest, Telegram channel, July 5, 2023]


Palestinian Media Watch has been alerting governments and parliaments in recent years, and especially in recent months, about the PA’s successful indoctrination of children to aspire to Martyrdom death for Allah instead of life.


The following are additional photos of the teens with their weapons:



[The Revolution's Pulse, Telegram channel, July 5, 2023]

[Palestinian Discussions, Telegram group, July 13, 2023]

[Jenin Brigade - Hornets Nest, Telegram channel, July 5, 2023]


These are the 3 latest victims of the Palestinian Authority’s child abuse.


Nour Al-Din Marshoud, Ali Al-Ghoul, and Majdi Ar’arawi – Palestinian teen terrorists aged 16, 17, and 17 respectively who were killed during Israel’s Operation Home and Garden, a counter-terror operation in Jenin that started on July 3, 2023. Marshoud and Ar’arawi were members of the Islamic Jihad terror organization, while Al-Ghoul was a member of Hamas.