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Europe and UN fund Palestinian “resolve” in Area C that is under Israeli control

Official PA TV News

PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh: “An agreement was signed with Finland, for which we thank it, on the transfer of 6 million euros for building and maintaining schools and bringing in technology to the schools. There is also an agreement with Finland and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) to strengthen the resolve of our people in Area C (i.e., land under full Israeli administration according to the Oslo Accords; see note below on European funded construction in Area C), and this also includes Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, with a sum of 3 million euros. Work has begun in this field with an additional sum of 3 million euros from friendly Austria.”

[Official PA TV News, Dec. 2, 2021]

EU-funded construction in Area C - According to the Oslo Accords, Area C in the West Bank is under full Israeli control. Therefore, it is illegal for the EU to promote or fund any construction or development in Area C without Israeli permission. The EU’s intentional funding of illegal Palestinian building is an impediment to peace as it undermines respect for agreements and the rule of law.