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Israeli-Arab MP Tibi calls Shahada (death for Allah) exalted

"Chairman of the Arab Party for Change, [Member of Israeli Parliament] Ahmed Tibi, said that Israeli ignorance connects Shahids (Martyrs) with terrorism, with the aim of creating a conceptual rift between someone who dies defending his land and someone who is killed at school, who are [both] Shahids. In the meantime, the murderous terrorists are those who give the orders to kill, and those whom the occupation considers heroes, or ministers. [Tibi] stated that the struggle for the land and the homeland carries a heavy price, and Shahada (Death for Allah) is the most exalted price."

Note: In Islam, the term “Shahid” refers to a person who dies for Allah. In the PA, the term is used to describe terrorists who were killed while carrying out attacks against Israel, including suicide bombers. The term can also refer to innocent Palestinians that are killed during Israeli military actions against terrorists.

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