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Fatah tried to help terrorists escape after today’s terror attack

Itamar Marcus  |
  • Following today’s attack, Fatah called to erase security cameras and fill streets with burning tires and garbage cans to slow down the army:

“In a simple step, do now:  Delete the last 48 hours of recordings.”

“Close the streets with [garbage] containers and burning tires”

[Fatah Bethlehem, Telegram]

This morning a Palestinian terrorist from Bethlehem shot and seriously wounded an Israeli man 37-year-old Elroe Kapah and slightly injured his two daughters, Abigail age 14, and Rachel age 9. In its search for the terrorist, the Israeli army closed several roads in and around Bethlehem. In response, Fatah’s Bethlehem branch publicized on its Telegram Channel the roads that Israel had closed, and called on all residents of those areas to erase all street security videos that Israel could use to track the movement of the terrorist:

Fatah Bethlehem, Telegram:
"Update at 10:24 AM, Road Condition: 

  • The container checkpoint is closed to those leaving
  • DCO checkpoint towards Beit Jala is closed
  • Bethlehem's southern checkpoint is closed
  • Aqbat Hasna is closed
  • The entrance to Jinana is closed
  • The entrance to Beit Sa'ir from the Wadi Sa'ir side is closed
  • The entrances to Beit Fajar are closed
  • The entrances to the Al-Aroub camp are closed"

For our residents in the areas indicated above: 

Delete all camera recordings in the last two days

Don't be of help to the occupation (i.e., Israel)

In a simple step, do now:

Delete the last 48 hours of recordings."

[Fatah Bethlehem, Telegram, July 16, 2023]

This call to hinder the army was followed up twice at 1:54 and 2:07 with further calls to block the streets and prevent the army from easy access to search for the terrorist:

“A call to the men of Bethlehem –
Close the streets with [garbage] containers and burn tires.”

PMW has reported repeatedly on the active involvement of the PA Security Forces in many terror attacks.

Fatah’s response today to this latest attempted murder shows just how ironic it is, that Israel and the international community look to Abbas and his PA for security cooperation. Abbas’ Fatah is not even trying to hide its active support for terror, while doing its utmost to prevent the capture of the terrorists.

This afternoon Israel reported that it had captured the terrorist who was hiding in a Mosque in Bethlehem.  

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