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PA TV children's song: Martyrdom is "sweet"

PA TV music video: Boy sends farewell letter as he leaves to die for Allah. As he falls "dead" his letter defines death as "sweet." (Broadcast more than 1000 times on PA TV, 2001 - 2004.)
"Don't be sad, my dear [father], and don't cry over my parting,
My dear father, for my country I sacrificed myself.
With determination and desire I will keep my promise.
How sweet is Shahada [Martyrdom] when I'm embraced by you, my land!
My beloved, my mother, most dear to me, be joyous over my blood, don't cry for me."

The words "How sweet is Martyrdom when I embrace you, oh my land!" are sung as the child actor is seen falling dead and "embracing" the land.

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