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Official PA daily interviews "brave" "femaile fighter and leader" who murdered 16-year-old Israeli

Headline: “From brave child to woman ‎fighter and leader: The released ‎prisoner Amna Muna [speaks] from ‎exile in Turkey: ‘I did not surrender. I ‎defeated the jailor and defeated the ‎jail’”‎
     ‎“To ask a fighter about the reason for ‎her arrest is no trivial matter, but it is ‎the Palestinian people’s right to know ‎the reason the Israeli military court ‎imprisoned fighter Amna [Muna] for life ‎in her suffocating, false and ‎fundamentally illegal jail cell…‎
‎[Amna said:] ‘They arrested me on ‎grounds of planning to kidnap an ‎Israeli for the purpose of negotiating a ‎prisoner exchange with the ‎Palestinian prisoners. The Ofer military ‎court put me in jail for life… ‎
For them [the Israeli intelligence ‎services], I am responsible for an ‎operation (i.e., terror attack) that hurt ‎the State of Israel. It was a unique ‎operation, in which the Israeli ‎occupation couldn’t fathom [the fact] ‎that a girl like me could use technology ‎and methods that it [the occupation] ‎uses against the Palestinian people. ‎They couldn’t grasp [the fact] that they ‎hadn’t exposed the operation before it ‎was carried out, and especially that the ‎commander of the operation was a ‎young Palestinian woman.’”‎

Note:‎ Amna Muna was serving a life ‎sentence for participating in the ‎kidnapping and murder of 16 year-old ‎Israeli Ofir Rahum on Jan. 17, 2001. ‎Muna met Rahum in an Internet chat ‎room and initiated an online romance ‎that culminated in his agreeing to meet ‎her. She drove him to Ramallah, where ‎he was murdered by her two ‎accomplices. In October 2011, Muna ‎was released as part of the Shalit ‎prisoner exchange deal brokered ‎between the Israeli government and ‎Hamas. In that deal, Israel released ‎‎1,027 Palestinian prisoners in ‎exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad ‎Shalit, who had been held hostage by ‎Hamas for more than 5 years.‎

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