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PA TV accuses Al-Jazira of inciting against Fatah and the PA Security Forces

Official PA TV News

Official PA TV newsreader: “The central office of journalists in the [Fatah] Movement condemned the actions of Al-Jazeera TV and its incitement against Fatah and the [PA] Security Forces.

Official PA TV reporter: “Al-Jazeera TV, the channel that pours oil on the bonfire, a channel laying thorns in the waycarrying trees that is interfering in the internal affairs of states, without taking into account the blood spilled due to its incitement, as happened in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and Jordan… If we return to the history of this channel – whose godfather was [former Israeli President] Shimon Peres, who turned the Israeli army spokesperson into a permanent guest on its screen, and thus harmed the national immunity of every Palestinian and Arab – this is a channel of the Muslim Brotherhood, with Iranian support and an Israeli scent, which lives on creating divisiveness within the peoples and even celebrates over our blood.

[Official PA TV News, July 6, 2023]

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