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“We are not mourning… Martyrdom is a source of pride” - Brother of teen terrorist “Martyr”

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Mother of terrorist Bader Al-Masri: “[Bader] wanted this. He would always say: “Mom, pray for me,” and play the song I came to you as a Martyr... He asked for Martyrdom, he was not interested in this world” …

Amjad Al-Masri, brother of terrorist Bader Al-Masri: “Bader is one of the young people who put Martyrdom in their minds. For a long time Bader said: “I want to die as a Martyr, I want Martyrdom.” …We are not mourning for him... He and his friends planned to be at my wedding. My wedding is in20 days. But praise Allah, we are at his wedding. We held an unplanned wedding for him. We are very happy. We are not mourning. People came to congratulate us, not to console us. Martyrdom is a source of pride and we have achieved it.”

[Official PA TV News, July 20, 2023]


A Martyr's funeral is considered his wedding to the 72 Virgins in Paradise in Islam


Bader Sami Al-Masri – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist and member of the independent terror cell “the Lion’s Den” who, together with other terrorists, shot and threw explosives at Israeli civilians and soldiers at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus on July 20, 2023. The soldiers returned fire, killing Al-Masri.