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Israeli condemnation of Hitler glorification in PA youth mag [exposed by PMW] is incitement and sabotage

Headline: "Writers' Union denounces… the Israeli assault on the Zayzafuna magazine"
“The General Writers' Union also denounced the crazed and misleading attack that has been launched by the occupation media concerning the idea which was published in vol. 32 of the Zayzafuna magazine in February, 2011, in which, they accuse, the magazine [of being engaged] in incitement to violence. The magazine has announced that what was written in the above-mentioned volume, by a 10-year-old girl who said to Hitler, "It was you who killed the Jews", was just a dream. The Union said that it believed that the [media] attack was essentially directed at UNESCO, which recently accepted Palestine as a member. Since UNESCO supported the magazine, the occupation media exploited what the girl said in order to incite against the magazine and to sabotage it, with the aim of harming UNESCO."

Note: Click here to view bulletin on Hitler glorification in PA youth magazine Zayzafuna.

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