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Kids taught at PA camps: replace Israel, no peace

The PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports posted images and text on its Facebook page

Posted text: “Pictures from the round of visits carried out by the Jerusalem District accompanied by the [PLO] Supreme Council [for Youth and Sports] team of the central [West Bank] at the [summer] camps in the capital Jerusalem”

The images show PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports summer camps.

The image shows children participating in the summer camps sitting in a classroom while teachers stand at the front of the room in front of a chalkboard. On the chalkboard is drawn the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel together with the PA areas as “Palestine.” The Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee, and Dead Sea are all marked on the map, and a Palestinian flag is next to it.

[PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, Facebook page, July 18, 2023]

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