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“Israel will disappear” says Syrian historian on PA TV

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Official PA TV host: “Your fiancée is with us today. The engagement took place six years before your release. How did you view the relationship when you were in prison, and today when you are by her side?”


Released Islamic Jihad terrorist prisoner Ammar Abed: “It bothered me in prison just as it bothered her outside of prison…


Ammar Abed’s fiancée Yaqin Abed: “I had hope and put my faith in Allah that one day he would be released. I agreed to this to give happiness to a person who had happiness taken from him for 15 years.I succeeded in giving him [happiness]… I encourage every young woman to get engaged to a prisoner, if she can wait patiently, as it’s an honor and [source of] pride for us... It’s the least of the least that we owe them, to give them this thing.”


Host: “It’s their right to be happy and build families.”


Yaqin Abed: “Certainly.”

[Official PA TV, I Call You, May 29, 2023]


Official PA TV hosted released Islamic Jihad terrorist prisoner Ammar Abed, who was arrested in 2002 and served 20.5 years in prison – PMW was unable to determine the nature of his crimes.