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Fatah and PIJ agree to unite against Israel to restore “Palestine”

“This evening, Monday [Aug. 14, 2023], a leadership meeting was held between delegations of the Fatah Movement and the Islamic Jihad Movement in Gaza City as part of strengthening the bilateral ties between the movements.

The movements clarified in a statement they issued… that the meeting came as part of strengthening the bilateral ties between the movements and strengthening the internal front against the plans to eliminate the Palestinian cause.

The sides agreed upon continuing the meetings in order to strengthen the bilateral ties between the members and leaders of the movements against the occupation, restore our Palestinian people’s unity, strengthen its brave resistance, and defend the Palestinian people’s legal rights, which include the release of its prisoners and the right of return, independence, and establishing a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem.”

[Donia Al-Watan, independent Palestinian news agency, Aug. 14, 2023]

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