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University lecturer on PA TV program for youth: Israel “is an entity that seeks to annihilate the other side [Palestinians]”

Bassem Zbeidi, lecturer in political science at Bir Zeit University, on PA TV youth program Speak Up:
 Zbeidi: "The Israeli side is not an occupation of the usual sort. It is an occupation of a very special sort. It was occupation, it is occupation, and it will remain occupation in all senses: economically, politically, psychologically, militarily, historically."
PA TV host: "In other words, [it is special] in its evil."
Zbeidi: "Of course, of course! Here I would say that it is special in the sense that perhaps it has no parallel in the world right now. It is an entity that seeks to annihilate the other side, take its place, and replace it. With no apologies – in other words, this is the main issue. We know about South Africa and other countries, and see that the oppressing side apologized to those who were oppressed, and therefore what is required of us, as Palestinians, is better awareness of the occupation's barbarity. As it is said, we must recognize the Jewishness of Israel, [but] the Jewishness of Israel means, automatically, recognition of the legitimacy of the occupation. In other words – Israel cannot be described, in my estimation, in a manner which departs from its colonialist occupation character."