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PA Min. of Education promotes message in girl’s poem: Jerusalem “belongs to the Muslims… It is Arab”

Rital Al-Dibs: “From Bethlehem, the city of love, the birthplace of the messiah [Jesus], 
which is embracing heroic Jenin and Nablus. Peace to every Martyr, you alone are the one who is alive, and we, sir, are all dead. We will pass by Jerusalem and say:
Jerusalem is Arab. O Jerusalem! O third [holiest] mosque (i.e., the Al-Aqsa Mosque), O first direction of [Muslim] prayer (i.e., Jerusalem), It belongs to the Muslims, do not belittle and diminish, … it is Arab.”

[PA Ministry of Education, Facebook page, July 28, 2023]

Posted text: “Rital Al-Dibs, an outstanding female student from Bethlehem, recites a poem for free Jerusalem, and from the threads of her shining embroidered garment she informs us all that the song symbolizes identity, a lesson, and freedom”

The video shows female student Rital Al-Dibs wearing traditional Arab clothing reciting a poem on stage. PA Minister of education Marwan Awratani is sitting in the audience and filming Al-Dibs with his cell phone.

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