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Children salute picture of teen PIJ member, wearing shirts in his honor

The “Milad Al-Ra’i” Telegram channel – which was created to commemorate dead terrorist Milad Al-Ra’i, who participated in violent confrontations with Israeli soldiers – posted a picture and text


Posted text: “Bless the Martyr in Paradise, he is not dead”



The picture shows children standing and saluting a poster of the Islamic Jihad terror organization showing terrorist Milad Al-Ra’i, who participated in violent confrontations with Israeli soldiers, and Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shaqaqi.

Text on poster: “In the name of All Merciful Allah –

‘And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision’ [Quran 3:169, Sahih International translation] –

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement leads its heroic Jihad fighter Martyr Milad Mundhir Al-Ra’i to [his] wedding (i.e., a Martyr's funeral is considered his wedding to the 72 Virgins in Paradise in Islam)”

On the back of the children’s shirts is text praising Milad Al-Ra’i.

Text on shirt of child on right: “(The following is a quote from Milad Al-Ra’i’s Facebook page -Ed.)

Martyr after Martyr, and may we be next – ‘Abu Mitein’ (i.e., Milad Al-Ra’i)”

Text on shirts of children on left: Heroic Martyr Milad Al-Ra’i #Abu-Mitein”

[Milad Al-Ra’i, Telegram channel, Sept. 15, 2023]

Milad Mundhir Al-Ra’i - 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist and member of the Islamic Jihad terror organization who participated in violent confrontations in which Palestinian terrorists threw Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers at a military post near the Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, on Sept. 9, 2023. The forces returned fire, killing Al-Ra'i.

Fathi Shaqaqi - Founder of the terror organization Islamic Jihad, which has carried out more than 1,000 terror attacks, murdering and wounding hundreds of Israeli civilians. Shaqaqi was killed in 1995 in an operation attributed to Israel but for which Israel never took responsibility.