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Fatah spokesman: “The only way to liberate Palestine is the rifle”

Fatah Spokesman in Jenin Fares Abu Al-Wafa: “Our message to the occupation is that the only way to liberate Palestine is the rifle and there is no solution other than the rifle. This generation is continuing until the occupation leaves and Palestine is liberated.”

[Official PA TV News, Sept. 20, 2023]


Abu Al-Wafa made this statement at the funeral of 4 terrorists from the Jenin refugee camp:

Mahmoud Al-Sa’adi, Mahmoud Ar’arawi, Rafat Khamaiseh, and Ata Musa – Palestinian terrorists who participated in violent confrontations in which terrorists shot at Israeli soldiers during a counter-terror operation in the Jenin refugee camp on Sept. 19, 2023. The four were shot and killed during the confrontations.