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PMW Director Itamar Marcus interviewed about the PA’s response to Hamas’ atrocities, on Jerusalem Dateline

  • Hamas says the conflict with Israel is an existential conflict, both against Israel as a state and against all Jews
  • The PA shares this belief: PA Ministry of Religious Affairs instructed all preachers in all mosques to cite the Hadith that calls for genocide of all Jews
  • The PA supports Hamas’ terror invasion of Israel and has called on West Bank Palestinians to join the terror
  • The tragedy is that the world has always seen the PA as “a peace partner” and funded them. The PA has used that money to educate a generation of Palestinians to believe that they have the obligation to destroy Israel, and the obligation to kill Jews
  • Hamas’ power today is a result, not of Hamas education, but of PA education

Palestinian Media Watch founder and director Itamar Marcus was interviewed on CBN News. In this wide-ranging interview, Marcus provided analysis of the present war in Gaza, explaining that Abbas' PA and Fatah support, celebrate, and call for joining Hamas' terror atrocities against Israel, and where we go from here.

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[CBN News, Oct. 21, 2023]


PMW has documented extensively on the war and particularly on the PA and Fatah’s support for it.


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