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Fatah honors planner of Munich Olympics attack, the “heroic Shahid (Martyr)”

Headline: "33 years since the Martyrdom of the Red Prince"
"The Fatah Commission for Mobilization and Organization marked the 33rd anniversary of the Martyrdom of commander Ali Hassan Salameh.
[The Fatah press release] added: "The 'Red Prince' is the well-known alias for the heroic Shahid (Martyr) Ali Hassan Salameh… who was one of the leading commanders of the Black September organization. He was called the 'Red Prince' owing to his outstanding ability to conceal himself and reach the dens of Israeli Mossad members, pursue them, and expose them."

Note: Hassan Salameh was a commander of operations of the Black September terror group. He planned the murder of 11 Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972. The Fatah announcement doesn't mention his role in the Munich massacre, but does credit him with the assassination of several Mossad agents.