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PA daily non-recognition terminology: Israel is “the 1948 territories”

"The Central Committee of the [Israeli political party] Arab Movement for Renewal held an irregular meeting in Tayibe, inside the 1948 territories (i.e., inside Israel), following the brutal rightist attack against the movement's chairman, Member of Israeli Parliament Ahmad Tibi, and the decision by the [Israeli Parliament] Ethics Committee to suspend him from parliament for a week, following a speech which he delivered in Israeli Parliament. (The Israeli Parliament’s Ethics Committee ruled that Ahmad Tibi used demeaning language when commenting on Israeli MP Anastassia Michaeli’s throwing a glass of water on another Arab MP. The suspension was not because of Tibi’s praise for Martyrs in his speech around the same time on Martyr’s Day in Ramallah as the paper indicates.) The participants emphasized that the fascism and racism, which are deeply rooted in Israeli society and its political system, continue to target the Arab population and its leaders… The [Central Committee's] press release added: 'We condemn vehemently this crazed attack against MP Tibi in the wake of his participation in the Palestinian Shahid Day.' (PMW exposed Tibi’s speech at Martyr’s Day several days after his suspension.) … The Central Committee [of the Israeli political party Arab Movement for Renewal] expressed opposition and condemnation of the attack on the Arab Members of the Israeli Parliament Knesset, foremost among them Ibrahim Sarsour and Masud Ganaim, following a meeting held in the past with [Palestinian] MP Aziz Dweik. It demanded his immediate release (Dweik was arrested a few days prior to the meeting) and called upon parliaments around the world to act in this regard."