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PA: Murderers of Jews are innocent victims

Itamar Marcus  |
  • Palestinian terrorist killed after stabbing and seriously wounded a border policewoman this morning
  • PA headline about the stabbing: “A child was shot by the occupation and died as a Martyr in Jerusalem”

While the scale of Hamas' murderous atrocities is far greater than those committed by Palestinians under the direction of the Palestinian Authority/Fatah, the fundamental Palestinian policy of supporting and justifying the murder of all Israelis was established by the PA years ago and continues to be the foundation of PA terror support.


Today we witnessed another example when a 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist from east Jerusalem stabbed and seriously wounded a border policewoman and moderately wounded another, near Jerusalem’s old city. The terrorist was shot and killed immediately after his attack.


WAFA the official PA news agency, headlined the story: “A child was shot by the occupation and died as a Martyr in Jerusalem.” The article also writes that the “Martyr” will “ascend to heaven” - stressing that his action of stabbing and attempting to murder an Israeli is what Allah desires of Palestinians, and therefore the 16-year-old terrorist will be granted the glorious afterlife reserved for “Martyrs.”


While the WAFA story mentions Israel’s “claim” that he attempted to stab, the story continues to present has as the heroic victim and Islamic Martyr:

“A child was shot by the Israeli occupation forces and died this morning, Monday in occupied Jerusalem. Eyewitnesses reported to [the official PA news agency] WAFA that the occupation forces fired a volley of bullets at child Muhammad Omar Al-Faroukh, 16, from the village (Jerusalem neighborhood) of Issawiya, on Saladin Street in central Jerusalem, on the claim that he attempted to carry out a stabbing operation, which caused his death as a Martyr.

The occupation police claimed that two female soldiers (sic., a border policewoman and a border policeman) were wounded, one of them critically…

With the ascent to Heaven of child Al-Faroukh in Jerusalem, the number of Martyrs in the West Bank since Oct. 7, [2023] rises to 144.”

[WAFA, official PA news agency, Nov. 6, 2023]

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