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Dead teen terrorist told his mom every Friday: “I crave Martyrdom”

Mother of terrorist Muhammad Abu Zirr: “The child [Muhammad Abu Zirr] would tell me every Friday: ‘Mom, I crave Martyrdom.’ He wants to be a Martyr. Every Friday he would shower and come down [and say]: ‘I want to go with the young people and die as a Martyr.’ He would watch the events in the Gaza Strip … He would watch these massacres, and his blood boiled. He told me: ‘I want to die as a Martyr and take revenge for what is happening.’ We are no better than them [the people of Gaza.] We want to do as they are doing. We want to defend our homeland… Praise Allah, he asked [for Martyrdom] and received it,”

[“Palestine Post,” YouTube channel, Oct. 24, 2023]


“The events in the Gaza Strip” refers to Israel’s response to Hamas’ terror war launched against Israel on Oct. 7, 2023.


Jihad Saleh and Muhammad Abu Zirr – Palestinian terrorists aged 29 and 17 respectively who threw explosives at Israeli forces while they were arresting wanted terrorists near Nablus on Oct. 22, 2023. The forces returned fire in self-defense, killing the terrorists.


Jihad Saleh and Muhammad Abu Zirr


Hamas war on Israel October 2023


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